The effect of product development on the financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya

Product development is the introduction of a good or service that is new or significantly improved regarding its characteristics or intended uses; including significant improvements in technical specifications, components and materials, incorporated software, user friendliness or other functional characteristics (OECD Oslo Manual, 2005). The effect of product development on the financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya are important concerns to product policy makers, the banking industry and the public at large.

Effects of liberalization of airwaves on television advertising in Kenya

Liberalization eliminates state control over economic activities. It consists of a process
through which same restrictions, mainly on economic or social policy of the former
government can be relaxed. In particular, the revise requires setting up what liberalization
of airwaves entails, to examine how liberalization of airwaves has impacted on television
advertising and decide the changes that have occurred in media houses and the
government before and after liberalization of airwaves in relation to television

Effects of television viewing on English language performance in secondary schools in Imenti central, Meru county.

This study looked into the effects of television viewing on academic performance among
secondary school students, Meru County. The purpose of the study was to investigate the
effects of television programmes on academic performance of secondary school students in
Imenti Central, Meru County.
Study objectives were to determine whether there was any relationship between television
viewing and performance of the English subject. The relationship between the number of

Multimode network for locating nearest petrol station

Many times, tourists face a situation where they are lost in a new place and do not know how to
reach their desired destination. Sometimes they face an emergency situation like running out of
petrol but don’t know the locality of the nearest petrol station. There is therefore need for route
guided interactive maps.
The interactive map allows the tourist to find the nearest petrol station. Searching is by the way of
incidences. The incidence is shown by computer guided Global Positioning System. The tourist

Relationship between economic growth and real estate prices in Kenya

Real estate investments and prices are good measures for reflecting expected real estate
demand, and serve as good predictors of economic growth (Knight Frank, 2011). The
"real estate" market and industry will be considered here to include both land and
improvements, their selling and rental prices, the economic rent of land and returns on
buildings and other improvements, and the construction industry.
Economic growth leads to an increase in the middle class of a society. Hoskins, Higgins

Sustainable competitive advantage in the insurance industry in Kenya

With the accelerating pace of competition and innovation, cutting-edge companies are
defined by innovative strategies. Industry leaders create a competitive advantage that
enables them to drive superior financial performance through boom and bust cycles. They
focus on building long-term strategic advantages rather than investing aggressively when
the market is strong and summarily cutting programs when the economy and pricing
environments weaken. The study was based on the insurance industry and was to provide

Effect of privatisation on financial performance Of commercial banks listed at the Nairobi stock Exchange

Privatization is the taking of services that are supplied by the government and turning
them over to the private sector for provision or production. In Kenya, privatization has
been implemented in various sectors such as the industrial, commercial, finance and
agriculture. Hongo (2006) while looking at the effect of privatization rate on SOE
financial performance where she found that the rate has no effect also observed that no
study has been undertaken in Kenya on the effect of privatization on each of the four

Strategies adopted by aid liaison department in Uganda to monitor use of aid Funds

Any organization needs to have a strategy of how it operates in the ever changing environment so as to ensure it survives in the same environment. Strategy is important in all types of organizations be it an NGO, public sector or private for profit organizations. Strategy ensures that output is maximized using the least resources.

Strategies adopted by Cosmos Ltd to changing external environment

The environment in which organizations operate is constantly changing with different factors influencing them. Industries are responding to customer‟s demand by becoming more innovative in their new ways of approaching the changed environment. They adopt strategies such as improved customer services, credit facility, post-paid cards and provision of convenience goods and services. Rapid technological change has created a new business environment where innovation has become a top competitive strategy.

Ad Hoc Non Institutional Conflict Management: A Case Study Of Burundi And Zaire

The study sets out to analyse and investigate the contributions of ad hoc noninstitutional
approaches to the management of internal conflicts. In process, the study
examines the structures and problems of the institutional organisations in Africa
which have the capacity to manage internal conflicts. The Organisation of African
Unity (OAU), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the
Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the Southern African


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