Multimode network for locating nearest petrol station

Many times, tourists face a situation where they are lost in a new place and do not know how to
reach their desired destination. Sometimes they face an emergency situation like running out of
petrol but don’t know the locality of the nearest petrol station. There is therefore need for route
guided interactive maps.
The interactive map allows the tourist to find the nearest petrol station. Searching is by the way of
incidences. The incidence is shown by computer guided Global Positioning System. The tourist
clicks on the current position/incidence and then chooses the number of nearest petrol stations of
interest for viewing.
The interactive map provides visual analysis. A tourist can identify the nearest petrol station and the
availability of a service, among other things.
The queries performed on the multimode road network dataset are evident that mapping of petrol
stations and network analysis can lead to informed decision making. Similar decisions could be
achieved through the same concept eg locating the nearest hospital by ambulances in case of
emergencies and whether such facilities such as Intensive Care Unit are offered.