Effect of privatisation on financial performance Of commercial banks listed at the Nairobi stock Exchange

Privatization is the taking of services that are supplied by the government and turning
them over to the private sector for provision or production. In Kenya, privatization has
been implemented in various sectors such as the industrial, commercial, finance and
agriculture. Hongo (2006) while looking at the effect of privatization rate on SOE
financial performance where she found that the rate has no effect also observed that no
study has been undertaken in Kenya on the effect of privatization on each of the four

Challenges of implementing entry strategies in East African Market by Ernst & Young

The objective of this study was to determine the challenges of implementing entry strategies in East African Market by Ernst & Young. Like any other organization, Ernst and young encountered several challenges in its expansion strategy to the East t African market. The study used a case study design where only one organization was involved. Primary data was collected by use of an interview guide while secondary data was collected from documentations at the organization's premises. The primary data was analyzed using content analysis and presented in prose format.

Strategies adopted by Athi Water Services Board towards the achievement of Millennium Development goals on Water and Sanitation

An organization without adequate and proper strategies is like a person without sight or a
ship sailing without radar. A strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over a
long term period which gives advantage for the organization through its usage of
resources within a challenging environment to meet its set targets.
The business strategy perspective argues that achieving competitive advantages can be
obtained by pursuing coherent competitive strategies. The strategies should be aligned

The Outsourcing of Transport Services at DHL supply chain Kenya Ltd

Outsourcing is growing at a rapid rate throughout the world because organizations view it as a
way to achieve strategic goals, improve customer satisfaction and provide other efficiency and
effectiveness improvements. Outsourcing assists management focus all their intellectual
resources, expertise and time on the distinctive competencies that give the firm an edge in the
market. Focusing on the core activities ensures collective learning especially on how to coordinate
diverse production skills and integrates multiple streams of technologies.

Relationship between trade credit and value of firms listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange

Trade Credit can be applied by firms to increase sales volumes and thus profitability. However, it
can lead to liquidity problems if not efficiently managed. The purpose of this study was to establish
the relationship between trade credit and value of firms listed at the Nairobi Securities exchange.
Panel secondary data was collected from published Financial statements at Nairobi Securities
Exchange and Capital Markets Authority for period between 2009 to 2012. The study used

Challenges of strategy implementation at Geomax Consulting Engineers (GCE)

Strategy implementation involves translating the strategies plans into action. It is about
allocating sufficient resources, assigning responsibilities for specific tasks or processes to
specific individuals or groups and establishing a chain of command. Without successful
implementation a firm will not obtain the intended results. To survive in this turbulent
and unpredictable environment, organizations need strong strategy formulation and
Implementation. GCE was forced to draft its first documented corporate strategic plan for

Corporate governance practices by Kenya Airways Limited

The collapse of major corporates across the world like Ansett Airlines, Retailer Harris
Scarfe, Enron and WorldCom has triggered a global consciousness to clear out the
problem of governance. Since the collapses in Australia there has been increased focus on
disclosure and the independence of auditors and directors and the need for the board to act
in the best interests of the stakeholders, not themselves. A study by Lockhart and Taitoko
(2005) examined causes surrounding the collapse of Ansett Holdings Ltd and the largest

The determinants of capital structure of private hospitals in Nairobi, Kenya

Although the literature on capital structure is vast, hardly any of it is dedicated to the capital structure of non-profit organisations. In this study I investigate the relationship between leverage and profitability, growth, size, liquidity and asset structures of private hospitals in Nairobi. Secondary data available from audited financial statements of three major private hospitals was used for this study. Data collected was analysed through descriptive statistics using SPSS computer package.

Factors affecting effectiveness of teamwork at the National Bank of Kenya

Effective teamwork has a positive influence on the performance of organizations.
Organizations worldwide are striving to improve the effectiveness of their teams in order
to be globally competitive. The purpose of this study therefore was to investigate the
factors affecting the effectiveness of teamwork within financial institutions in Kenya. The
objective of the study was to establish factors affecting teamwork effectiveness within
National Bank of Kenya.
This study adopted descriptive research design. The study utilized both primary and

The Influence of Power Distance on the relationship between Employee Empowerment and Empowerment Outcomes in Multinational Corporations in Kenya

A number of studies indicate that employee empowerment leads to increased organizational
performance. To most researcher s, empowerment is the perfect panacea for success in
organizations. The main objective developed for this study is to determine the extent to which
power distance moderates the relationship between employee empowerment and empowerment
outcomes. Data for the study was collected using a questionnaire which contained measurements
of power distance, employee empowerment and empowerment outcomes (employee


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