Strategic Responses adopted by Kenya Post Office Savings Bank to the Changing Competitive Environment in the Banking Industry

The growth of the banking industry has been mainly underpinned by an industry wide
branch network expansion strategy both in Kenya and in the East African Community
Region, automation of a large number of services and a move towards emphasis on the
complex customer needs rather than traditional ‘off-the-shelf’ banking products. This has
led to hyper competition in the industry as banks outdo each other to attract and retain
customers. Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (KPOSB) has faced intense competition as

The strategic goals to implementation gaps at federation of Kenya employers

Strategy implementation requires ongoing deliberate action to achieve a firm's economic
targets. Most leaders know that implementation is tough and can recall at least one
corporate wide implementation they participated in, that failed. It is only in the last few
years that leaders are starting to understand that implementation fails not because we
have the wrong strategy, in most cases, but because the challenge of implementing the
strategy is tougher than most Chief Executive Officers and leaders anticipate and they

Determination Of The Extent To Which Marketing Concept Has Been Applied By Certification Bodies In Kenya

This study was conducted to investigate the extent to which the marketing concept has been
applied by certification bodies in Kenya. The researcher was motivated to carry this research
owing to competition within the industry that forced international certification bodies to establish
local offices in the country. The objectives of the study were to determine the extent to which the
marketing concept has been applied by certification bodies in Kenya. To achieve the objectives,

Strategic responses of Saccos to changing competitive business environment: a study of Kussco affiliated Saccos in Nairobi county

A company has competitive advantage whenever it has an edge over its rivals in securing customers and defending against competitive forces. Strategy is therefore fundamental in the planning process since strategic decisions influence the way organization respond to their environment. This study sought to determine the strategic responses adopted by SACCOS in Kenya.

Relationship between job satisfaction and organisational commitment among private secondary school teachers in Kajiado North District

The objective of this study was to explore the relationship between job satisfaction and
organizational commitment among private secondary school teachers in Kajiado North
District. The research adopted a descriptive survey design with a sample of 71(30% of
the entire population) teachers drawn by use of proportionate stratified sampling
technique to represent each category of teachers, that is principals, deputy principals,
heads of departments and regular teachers. In addition, simple random sampling was used

Green supply chain practices and operational performance of personal care manufacturing firms in Nairobi, Kenya

Green supply chain practices and operational performance of personal care manufacturing firms in Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Commercial Bank limited and the effects of globalization

When globalization is used in an economic context it refers to the reduction and removal of
barriers between national borders in order to facilitate the flow of goods, capital, services and
labour. Globalization has had an effect on how banking business activities are conducted
worldwide and commercial banks in Kenya were not spared. Globalization of the banking sector
is essential in that it brings new technology which help improve banking services and
infrastructure hence reduce fraudulent activities, new risk management techniques and increased

Poverty In The Informal Sector: The Case Of Toi Market In Kibera, Nairobi

This study set out to examine poverty in the informal sector. The study used
descriptive and analytical techniques on data from 60 entrepreneurs
differentiated by five business types, namely metal works, wood works,
textiles, leather works and hawking in Kibera, Nairobi.
The study used descriptive and analytical techniques on primary data
collected using the interview and questionnaire method from 60
entrepreneurs of Toi market in Kibera, Nairobi
The main findings of this study are that more than half of the entrepreneurs

Application of job analysis as a human resource management tool in state corporations

Job analysis is an important human resource management tool in the sense that its helps
the employees to understand their duties and responsibilities and an outline of the skills
required is made. On the other hand, job analysis helps the organization to clearly design
the organizational structure. This implies that through job study the organization is able
to defined positions, hire suitable staff to fill the positions, design proper workflows,
establish reporting relationships, identify physical work environment, deployment of staff

Gamma and related distributions

The gamma distribution is one of the continuous distributions. Gamma distributions are very versatile and give useful presentations of many physical situations. They are perhaps the most applied statistical distribution in the area of reliability. Gamma distributions are of different types, 1, 2, 3, 4-parameters. They are applied in different fields among them finance, economics, hydrological and in civil engineering.


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