The effect of mergers and acquisitions on the financial performance of petroleum firms in Kenya

The objective of this research project is to establish the effect of mergers and acquisitions on the financial performance of petroleum firms in Kenya. This is by conducting an industry analysis of the petroleum sector in Kenya. The study is limited to a sample of pair companies listed on the Kenyan market that merged/acquired between the years 2002-2012. Data were collected from the NSE Annual Statement of Accounts and Financial Reports of the firms.

Drivers of strategic alliance between Safaricom and Kenya Power and Lighting Company in mobile telephony payments

User demand for convenient and intelligent ways in which to make payments for goods an

Procurement challenges in public Universities in Kenya

Every organization, whether it is a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer, buys materials,
services and supplies to support operations. The public procurement system in Kenya since
1978 has evolved from a crude system with no regulations to an orderly legally regulated
procurement system currently in use. Many institutions including public universities
experience difficulties during pre-qualifications, staging competitive procurement process,
warehousing supplies, carrying out quality assurance, clearing at customs, over and underinvoicing

Strategies Adopted By Liquified Petroleum Gas (lpg) Companies To Deal With The Challenge Of Cross-filling Activities In Kenya

The energy sector is considered a key enabler to achieving vision 2030 and LPG has been
seen as a vital source of energy in response to growing concerns of urban air pollution
and greenhouse gases. LPG is one of the few consumer products sold in a metal cylinder
whereas in its distribution, many parties may handle this cylinder before it reaches the
customer. Once the LPG cylinder is sold the cylinder owner may not have direct control
over its subsequent use making it important to maintain the cylinder integrity throughout

Construction statistics review for Kenya.

Construction is a strategic industry in developing economies like Kenya. In order for construction to ably perform this role, there is a need to provide information on its various economic aspects including raw materials, products, processes, finance and labour. Construction statistics of Kenya have been evaluated in order to ascertain their adequacy in terms of scope, portrait, reliability and responsiveness in their coverage of the construction industry. Official statistics published in the annual Statistical Abstract were reviewed according to these adequacy criteria.

The effect of communication on performance of Multicultural work teams at oxfam great Britain Kenya

Globalization has driven international business to a new stage of development.. The philosophy
to 'think global, act local' to meet the diverse needs of the organization, host country regulatory
requirements and better understand the local cultures of the clientele base has led to the
engagement of foreign nationals managers in the work force. MNCs have been faced with
diverse challenges with this move, one of the principle ones being the challenge of
communication across cultures. This research is a case study of Oxfam Great Britain Kenya with

Responses by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to the challenges in the implementation of the customs' reforms and modernization (CRM)

This study seeks to determine how KRA implemented the Customs Reforms and
Modernization Program, the challenges KRA encountered in implementing the
reforms and modernization initiatives and how KRA responded to those
Using an interview guide, data was collected from the members of the core
Customs Reforms and Modernization team and the Customs officers that were
involved in the reforms and modernization initiatives. These responses were then
tabulated and weighted to determine key challenges and responses.

Influence of social environment on visually impaired children’s development of science process skills in a special school in Kenya

The purpose of this study was to investigate influence of the social environment on the development of science process skills in a special school in Kenya. The social environment includes teachers, learning resources and functional learner attributes and abilities. Case study design was used to gather information. All the children in class one (18), two (16) and three (16) were sampled out of classroom learning environments.

Relationship Between Strategy Implementation And Performance In Commercial Banks In Kenya

Strategy implementation involves organization of the firm's resources and motivation of the staff to achieve objectives. Organisational’s performance is the measure of standard or prescribed indicators of effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental responsibility such as, cycle time, productivity, waste reduction, and regulatory compliance. The objective of this study was to assess the relationship between strategy implementation and performance in commercial banks in Kenya.

The existence of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) needs by institutional investors at the Nairobi Stock Exchange

Real estate is an important investment asset class but it poses considerable problems for portfolio managers in valuing direct real estate investment. Real estate illiquid nature increases transaction costs yet it is assumed to be a safer asset for long term investment. Real estate can be purchased (direct investment) or the investment can take place through land held by listed or unlisted companies (indirect investment).


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